General Equipment:

link2 Valves
link2 Actuators
link2 Regulators
link2 Pumps
link2 Hoses and Fluid Handling
link2 Hose Fittings
link2 Pipe Fittings and Flanges
link2 Pipe and Tubular Products
link2 Separators and Filters
link2 Gauges and Meters
link2 Pipeline accessories
link2 Generators
link2 Cranes and lifting equipment
link2 Marine Services Steelworks
link2 Safety Equipment
link2 Personal Safety Equipment
link2 Coatings, resins, paints

link2 Compressors Lighting and Electrical Products
link2 HVAC Equipment and Supplies
link2 Subsea Pipes & Fittings
link2 Non Corrosive Fittings
link2 Stainless Steel Fittings
link2 Stainless Steel Pipe
link2 Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment
link2 ATEX Equipment
link2 Non Sparking Tools
link2 Inverter Welding Machines
link2 Mastics
link2 Sealants
link2 Pipeline Adhesives
link2 Welding inspection tools
link2 Welding supplies
link2 Bearings
link2 Seals
link2 Fibreglass piping (flanges, pipes).

Maintenance Workshop Equipment:


link2 Lathes
link2 Mills
link2 Drills
link2 Shaping machines

Well Head Equipment:


link2 Well Heads

link2 Pack-off Flanges

link2 Slips & Secondary Seals

link2 Casing Spools

link2 Casing Head Housings

link2 Tubing Heads

link2 All types of valves

Drilling Equipment:

link2 Drawworks, from complete systems to spare parts, including:

  • Crown Blocks
  • Hook Blocks
  • Swivels
  • Rotary Tables

link2 Desanders
link2 Shale Shakers
link2 Mud Pumps & Systems
link2 Rotary Drilling and Vibrator Hoses


link2 Unions, including:

  • Non Aligned Screwed Unions (RON)
  • Quick Unions
  • Swivel Unions

link2 Blowout Preventer’s and Manifolds of all types

link2 Hydraulic Control Units

link2 Cementing and Fracturing Units



Construction Equipment

link2 Heavy Equipment – Excavators, Loaders, Dump Trucks. Typically used in Civil Engineering and mining applications.

link2 Other Equipment – Back hoes, Dumpers, Tractors, Cement Mixers, Mini Diggers, Bobcats – Typically used on construction sites and agricultural uses.

link2 Load Handling Equipment – Forklifts, Telehandlers, Self Loaders, Cranes.

link2 Specialist Equipment – Conveyors, Dredgers, etc.






Energy efficiencies in every walk of life can help reduce the effects of climate change, commerce and industry can make a significant contribution by using the readily available technologies to reduce the amount of energy needed to operate businesses.

Worldwide Procurement Services are able to offer proven energy saving options to suit many differing situations and requirements.

link2 Devices for existing equipment that will improve performance and reduce cost.

link2 Control equipment for monitoring, controlling systems.

link2 Solar PV.

link2 Wind Energy Systems.

link2 Heat Pumps – ground and air.

link2 Solar and LED Lighting.

link2 Biofuels.